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Michigan Drone Pros Photography now offers

IR Thermal Roof Inspections for HEAT LOSS

Drone school thermal IR inspections by Michigan Drone Pros Photography

Drone Thermal Inspections for schools, industrial buildings, factories, hospitals, flat roof buildings (non-metal roofs).

We use Professional High Resolution Flir IR cameras mounted on our drones with full GPS mapping capability.

Drone Thermal Imaging Inspections!

For Commercial, Industrial and Residential

  • Roof Inspections

  • Utility Inspections

  • Building Inspections

  • Solar Panel Inspections

  • Farm Land Inspections

  • Fire Inspections

  • Search & Rescue

Roof inspections and building surveys using professional drone Flir thermal camera system.IR Aerial Thermal Imaging Cameras are used to find HEAT LOSS, sub-surface cracks, hazardous and costly water roof damage and other building issues. Also best for Lawsuit Documentations.

We can gather calibrated radiometric temperature data quickly and easily, allowing us to cover large substations, as well as transmission and distribution lines in a fraction of the time it would take with a handheld imager scanner.

Our Drone Thermal Imaging camera can detect and measure Hot Spots in the damaged PV Photovoltaic cells including single cell malfunctions and or major issues. Plus, we can generate Solar Panels inspection reports of your array including critical issues with temperatures.

Extremely valuable for firefighting, they give Incident Commanders instant ability to see through smoke and keep track of their personnel in large fire scenes. They are also a must-have equipment for rapidly deployed SAR Search and Rescue missions regardless of the time of day.

Extremely valuable tool for the agriculture and food industry. We now can predict water stress in crops, planning irrigation scheduling, disease and pathogen detection in plants, predicting fruit yield, evaluating the maturing of fruits, bruise detection in fruits and vegetables and many more.

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Our Proven Thermal Imaging Photos, are an extremely valuable tool your Inspections!


We can meet with you in person to discuss your aerial photography video or photo needs & requirements.


We personally handle all of the planning and careful mapping out of your custom project from start to finish.


We take great measures to professionally facilitate in the aerial photography process using our drone aircraft.


We do of all of our photo & video editing in-house to keep cost down and to maintain high quality standards.


We can deliver the finished images via Drop Box, FTP, Email, DVD, thumb drive… Let us know which output format you need.

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